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With these weekly emails, you'll be able to optimize your life by making new efforts efficiently in the gym and kitchen that will more closely fit your needs. The insights, tips and tools give you the freedom, flexibility and a new perspective to get your workout routine and kitchen eating fitting to your lifestyle. There is no one way fits all when it comes to eating and working out. There is only what works best for YOU.


About the Coach

Hey! I'm Ellen Trotter.

I am a fitness coach with a huge passion for helping girls unlock their potential and learn the foundational skills and knowledge that will determine the overall quality of life.  

As an ex-collegiate soccer player my fitness journey began in college. I remember the days being lost not knowing what to do other than going for a long run. My skills in the kitchen went as far as microwaveable chicken nuggets dipped in applesauce. 

I want to teach other girls that are where I used to be, that there are many better options than going for a long run or doing random exercises on machines in the gym. If you're willing to put in the work, learn and try, it is possible for YOU to live a happy healthy lifestyle. That is, if you want to make consistent progress!  

That's why I send out weekly emails with all my best stuff, the good stuff. I want to teach you the fundamentals you will need to make ever-lasting results in your fitness journey.